Racepak Yellow Goes Bluetooth NHRA Approves For Use

Racepak Data SystemsThe National Hot Rod Association has granted approval of Bluetooth technology in a limited number of Racepak data recorder models. The usage of Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for the traditional cable between the user’s PC and the Racepak data recorder, instead relying on a wireless Bluetooth communication link when updating a data recorder with new sensors or programming changes.

“The use of Bluetooth will eliminate the issue of stringing a programming cable from the trailer to the race car, creating a safer and less complicated pit area” commented Todd Paton, Racepak’s Pro System and Sales Manager, “while simplifying the process of sending programming changes to the data recorder.”

Racepak data loggers currently approved by NHRA for the bluetooth upgrade include the following models:

Racepak Units Approved For Bluetooth

V500SD(left), Pro IIIA(Center) and the ProIII are now approved by NHRA for use with Bluetooth.
Pro III Data Logger

To upgrade your Pro III, Pro IIIA and V500SD, contact Racepak at (949) 709-5555

For more product information, visit www.racepak.com

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