Don Prudhomme’s 1989 Pontiac Skoal Bandit Funny Car Going to Auction

Skoal Bandit Funny Car BurnoutDon Prudhomme’s 1989 Pontiac Skoal Bandit Funny Car is going to the auction, Dana Mecum’s 26th Original Spring Classic Auction that is, May 14-19, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This Skoal Bandit Funny Car was the last flopper Prudhomme drove before getting back into the Top Fuel category in 1990. Don piloted “The Skoal Bandit” to numerous wins in the 1989 season – Rockingham, Sonoma, Dallas and the big one, The U.S. Nationals.

My big question is we all know how much these things are to build, just how much will a piece of racing history go for at the auction?

Skoal Bandit Funny Car Don Prudhomme

Fast Facts about “The Skoal Bandit”

  • Number 1 qualifier at 7 of 21 races in 1989
  • First NHRA Funny car to break into the “Teens” with 5.193 seconds/265.80 MPH in Houston, March 2, 1989
  • Winner of the Big Bud Shootout 1989
  • The last funny car driven by Don “The Snake” Prudhomme
  • Winner of the 1989 NHRA US Nationals in Indianapolis
  • 1989 Skoal Bandit funny car is being offered for the first time ever from the personal collection of Don Prudhomme

Snake discusses his 1989 Pontiac Skoal Bandit Funny Car. This was the LAST funny car Snake drove in his driving career

Snake cackles the legendary 1989 Skoal Bandit Pontiac Trans-Am funny car.

Prudhomme describes the Skoal Bandit funny car as “an unbelievably quick car” partially to the fact that being sponsored by Pontiac as well they spent a great deal of time doing wind tunnel testing.

Skoal Bandit Funny Car Engine

The car is ready to run with an all aluminum block Hemi engine, twin magneto’s and supercharger.

Photos courtesy of Mecum Auctions

Click here to view the auction details of Prudhomme’s Skoal Bandit Funny Car

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